In deficit, who are you?

reality manifest
In deficit,
The reality of who you are,
Will manifest.

The measure of a person is known,
When they are stripped down to nothing but their skin and sinew.
When all their possessions have been taken from them,
When their ego has taken the worst blows.
When their stature is sullied and tarnished.
In nothingness will you see what they are worth.
So amass, amass, assume it brings value to you,
But when it is all gone,
And you are left naked in the darkness,
Will you crawl up, wishing you were in your mothers womb,
Or will your light be enough to guide you back?


Ironically, this reality, I’ve known subconsciously for my entirety. Our family is rooted in traditional practises that are etched into us from our very first breath. Our lives are moulded around goodness of character.

Last week as I helped students express themselves physically through fighting arts, a friend who had been sitting observing the class said to me, “Sparring, is all about a persons character manner”. It was a moment of truth found in the most unusual situations.

No, I didn’t need third eye psychedelics, I wasn’t sitting on a mountain top omming, it was just a realisation.

When these men were threatened, when their ego’s were pushed, when the fear of being hurt became real, when they actually were hit and weaknesses exposed, their responses were interesting.

Some crawled up into a foetal position, covering up, finding corners of the ring to keep from getting hurt.

Others had red enraged eyes and were blinded by their anger, charging forward to their detriment.

Others would shake their head in disgruntled fashion ashamed that their skills they thought they had, let them down.

Others shook their heads in arrogance, as if to say, it wasn’t actually the opponent that was skilled enough to hit them, it was their own mistake, an arrogance of the highest order.

Others reacted back instantly, an eye for an eye.

But the best of them, were silent, poised, remained calm and continued on, waiting patiently for their opportunity.

What type of personality, of character, of mannerisms are you composed of when you are backed into a corner? When you are left in the dark, when your ego has been bruised, heart been broken, when you’ve been threatened?


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