The Elixir 22 – Be Memorable

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  • Start a conversation
  • Help someone in need, someone you don’t know
  • Fill a palm
  • Spare a morsel
  • Fast for a day and donate the value of the food and drink you would have eaten to a person less fortunate. Do it more than once a month
  • Smile at someone, smile at everyone
  • Forgive your oppressors, even if they wish to continue, let them know you’ll continue to forgive them perpetually
  • Break a heart, allow yours to be broken back, then enjoy mending together
  • Pick a flower for a random person without any strings attached
  • Buy someone a present for no reason
  • Sing in a public place a song that cannot but make even the most depressed soul smile
  • Be clumsy, if you can’t help it
  • Take a punch for someone who can’t stand up for themselves.
  • Take a punch to let someone see how futile and childish they are acting, then hug them
  • Pay it forward, without advertising it
  • Ask with all your heart and concern, how someone is doing
  • Find your memorable moment. It’s usually doing something unexpected with unrequited sincerity, with utter disregard for recognition, without need for reciprocity.Force people to remember you not by asking, not by demanding, by doing without any fathomable care of receiving or not.

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