Gratitude; it’s not that hard.


Only a miser, won’t open the door to gratitude.

The sign of a good host is to always have their doors open
The Prophet Muhammad conditioned faith, to honouring of guests.

He said, “Whomever believes in God and the last day, should honour their guests”.

What uglier trait is there than a host who is annoyed at their guest.
What pungency exists in their heart that they think they own their dominion.
The very dominion that had it been willed, would have someone else’s title on it.
And you want to keep that door closed on the most gracious of guests?
One that will fill your soul with what you want?
Love cannot exist in your heart, prattle as you may with words of prose, if gratitude does not precede it. Gratitude even for the wounds inflicted on you, even by the very guest you allowed inside, even if it were gratitude itself inflicting the wounds, be grateful even for them.

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