Be non-existent for existence

non existence
Haven’t you seen leaves fall to their death,
Petals strip naked their master,
Reptiles shed their skin,
Animals shun their fur,
Mountains rubble their stature,
Rivers run away from themselves,
The earth swallow itself whole,
The skies shed it’s tears to rid itself of it’s guilt?
So too must we turn inwards,
Find our existence, sever it’s anchor,
And set it free.
Only when you look back inside,
And find yourself non-existent,
Will you exist large in someone else’s heart.
People are perplexed on how to find themselves,
It’s not by yourself, ever.
It is always with another, always by letting go,
Of the very thing you’re trying to find,
To prove to yourself exists, the self.
Let it go and you’ll be found,
You’ll be loved.
It exists only to subdue you,
And the quickest way to cut it’s chain,
Is to be of servitude to others.

The first half written by a social media friend regarding this picture she captured.
She meant it as a stab at the actual quote, but I leveraged it for my own selfish purposes, albeit with her permission.

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