How to forgive yourself

forgive yourself2

I forgave myself,
By giving of myself

The struggle is real. I learned the hard way how to do it. That’s why I don’t struggle with it any more. Whenever I find myself struggling, I give what I can in whatever way I can. Sometimes it is monetary, other times, it is physical, other times it is emotional, and others a smile, advice, a hand, a gesture, anything.

Some people live with so much guilt for whatever reason.
A troubled past, misdeeds unto others, not living up to their own expectations, suppression of truth, unachieved goals, trespasses of their soul and a myriad more reasons.

If forgiving yourself is too hard, the solution is to give to others in kindness,
until there is nothing left of yourself, to hold to account.
Once you are bankrupt of your ability to give of everything you possess, your guilt will be gone with it.

For those interested, the word is Arabic for forgiveness, pronounced Ghoof-Raahn The g and h joined and coming from the top of the palate and pronouced attached to the ‘oof’ similar to wolf. The Raahn sounds like farm.
Another word is Samah and can similarly be used. Ghuf-raahn is more encompassing, almost like a covering up, similar to when one is covered in veil like fashion from being seen from enemies searching for one. The ultimate forgiveness is when no one knows your misdeeds except God, and he keeps them veiled from everyone so you can remain functional, oblivious you carry on without weight of unveiling yourself to the world, the perfect forgiveness. One of his names is Al-Ghafur, The oft forgiver.
Likewise, when you forgive yourself, keep it to yourself, it is a mercy from God. Exposing your misdeeds is not noble and leaves you anchored to guilt. A wise person once said, “You have not repented from something until the sweetness of that something no longer lingers in your heart.”

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