How to lure me out


Is a separation from words.

Words have been my mask for so long,
I don’t know how else to be alone,
I don’t know how else to build a home,
Of where, and how, I can safely roam.
Whilst others build a life of extroversion,
And dwell under that dome,
I can only take shelter,
In monochrome.
Words are my shield,
They’re my spears thrown,
They’re my arrows,
Carried by the winds blown,
Turned hurricanes,
Turned cyclones.
They’re my hip bones,
Back bones, knuckle bones,
They’re my swords grinding stone.
I’ll use them to erect,
I’ll use them to dethrone,
Protect my loneliness,
Lexicological, vernacular, violence condone.
Heart beat meter,
Whispers tone,
Micro, or megaphone.
A junkies love,
A scared boys methadone.
They’re my gemstones,
My blood stones,
They’ll be the only thing,
On my head stone.
So next time you think I’m shy,
Trepid, antisocial, lonely, alone,
Realise, with words,
You can lure me out,
Of my home.


3 thoughts on “How to lure me out”

  1. The meters
    Ah yes.
    The terrorists.
    I despised them at first.
    Freaks of nature
    Call it what you will
    All the while they said the same thing about me
    Weirdo, alien.

    And so then i thought to myself
    I once had the chance to play.
    Engage, in their secretive game

    It was all so .. strange.
    I never got their approval to play with them.
    Hell, i was playing all along.
    But this time i picked up the fire and the tables had turned. Real quick.
    Anyways…. their fire and noise and fear injections were exchanged for my peacefulness, coloring, and although i do not know if they had actually felt kindness or compassion, it was beauriful to see, these human monsters in which appear only in bad dreams, in that moment they were no longer monsters at all. But human.

    So anyways i dont want to make this into a huge thing. My lessons were : once we have an understanding of a person or people or situation/experience , that is when we dont have to hate, mistrust, or fear them.
    But that day, to go even one step further into the darkness, play with some demons i never even knew existed, and to feel the power which arises from someone being afraid of you…. was exhillerating. And although i feel like they could have been more powerful than me, they werent. Cause with great power must come balance at the other side of the spectrum.

    I dont tememver where i was going with this haha
    Sorry for rambling. I cant believe how much i can relate to. It really is a magical world


  2. “You cant lure me out of my home”

    As tempting as it was, playing with fire and experiencing their wrath. At the end of the day, i am me, their home is theirs and mine is mine. But to sneak out to play once in a blue moon ? Welll…. once was enough for me.

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