I’m never lonely, unless there are people.

lonelyaccording to whom

As barren as the desert is,
Ask the sand it if it is lonely.

The particle will always answer no.
Of no consequence is the silence,
The lack of human presence doesn’t deter it.
The tracks of camel caravans,
Momentary disturbance,
Before it swallows them back into non existence.
But I am no desert,
Even if I am as barren.
Alone, I thrive,
Loneliness fuelling me to life.
Amongst the crowd, utterly deprived.
I have no swallowing for gatherings.
I cannot digest their footprints.
Leave me to my silent winds,
My dry and brittle limbs.
To my ballad hymns,
And to the nomads hearing,
The Berber’s seeing,
The Bedouin’s salt faced sting,
The oasis luring,
The lost poet’s sing.

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