Your state, is everything

If you want to believe that mist is nothing more than water droplets suspended in air, then you have approached it from the view of a scientist, appropriate, no doubt, factual as well.

If you want to view mist from the point of view of a dreamer, you’ll be lost in it’s complexity, mazes and traps.

If you want to view mist from the point of a contemplative, then your reflection will take you to the mountain tops and to the thick of it in the valleys.

If you see mist from the point of a lover, then you will vanish in it, and hear it’s odes, feel it’s love making, and observe it’s procreation.

The host is everything, your state will determine what you see and what you miss.

You can’t find love if  you’re searching for the flaws in it, you’ll always arrive back at your core.


p.s Initially I wrote so much more but decided to delete it all. This alone should be enough to contemplate over and consider where your state is at in your affairs.

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