Starting over

Starting over

Starting over;
Is just a palatable way of,
Saying I’m continuing,
I’ll accept what fate may bring,
I’ll disguise it, trick my mind,
Make it feel like spring.

Clumsy cliché’s and idiotic idioms,

Usually spoken in complete oblivion.
For example, ‘There are plenty of fish in the sea’,
A metaphor, an allegory, a jerk of a knee.
When someone loses love, hope or separated for time,
When gone is their meter, gone is their rhyme.
It’s the first thing they say, like we’re meant to be fishermen,
A subconscious expulsion of how they view men or women.
As if to say we sit in our boats and wait for time,
Bait our hooks and expect Mr or Mrs right, to be at the end of the line.
Or here’s another, ‘Love is blind’,
Like walking in the dark to accept who you find.
Or more lameness, ‘Set them free,
And they’ll return if it’s meant to be’.
Please, spare me, I don’t care for any of those trivialities,
Those ‘It’s ok, you’ll start over again’, superficialities.
I want the clumsy type, of bumping into someone in the middle of the street,
Of walking aimlessly in a supermarket and stepping on someone’s feet.
Of picking the last packet off a shelf,
And she lets you have it, preferring you over herself.
That moment of kindness, the moment of Zen,
That ray of light, or hope, perhaps you can love again.
Nah, scrap it, too lame, the stuff of tales,
Irks me, feels like scraping chalkboards with nails.
This start over again business is not for me,
I’m too limited, too present, no future do I see.
Stuck in the moment, I remain here, I don’t want to flee,
I don’t believe that I have a destiny.
To accept, what has happened is done, what hasn’t is not going to alter,
To believe any different would cause me to falter.

So I decided to join a prompted poetry challenge group.
Prompted poetry isn’t usually my thing as I like to write in a stream of consciousness, but the topic caught me even though it had structural rules.
I don’t know how I’d fare for every day’s challenges but I’ll take them one day at a time.
This challenge was about starting over, has to be symmetrically written with two lines in the middle of it even amount of lines on both sides of it with those two middle lines in identical syllable count.

So I wrote two… A short piece and a longer one.
Both were pretty quickly written, still keeping with my style of streaming conscious writing, the only editing is grammatical or punctuation.
If you’re interested, it’s a closed group on social media.
Let me know

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