she's something2

‘Aint she something,
Her nothingness,
Making her everything.

The less of you, you show me,
The more of you I want.
The superiority of inferiority,
The lack of flaunt.
Barren and withered,
Pale and frail,
Nothing to see of you,
Behind a veil.
Rushing and hiding,
In the bazaar,
To keep me near
Leave me afar.

The most coveted of females are those you know nothing of. Their mystery, the true intrigue of a man’s obsession. Sane men, kings and noble warriors have turned madmen, wandering in torn shreds, begging for the rest of their lives for a morsel of food because they have tasted the luxe of her beauty. Her beauty is a terror to witness. Burns your appetite to insanity, burns your stomach to ashes, leaves you hollow inside, covet her, and she’ll lure you to your demise.

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