Poem of the atoms…. my version of Rumi’s masterpiece

This is a three pronged approach.
My poem regarding this was inspired by Rumi’s original ‘Poem of the atoms’
Feel free to do as you please, but to give this the mood, have a listen to this rendition by Armand Amar featuring:  Haroun Teboul and Salar Aghili linked below as you read my poem.

The poets every breath is an exchange of atoms,
A barter of molecular marvel.
Inhaled in pollen filled spring,
Exhaled in spit fire rings,
Droplets of internal-i-sing,
Like seedlings,
Life from death,
From decay of earth,
Until honeybee nectar loosens from the flowers breast,
The milk for healing,
The air is soaring,
Everywhere dust is floating,
Manifest through rays of sun blazing,
In sea froth atomising,
Of ocean swaying,
All of us bathing,
This thing,
Of poetic atomising,
Ever willing,
From soul breath in womb blowing,
To heavy, push, push,
Inhaling, exhaling,
Atoms, we are,
Atoms we sing,
Harps, harping,
Pens writing,
Brushes, painting,
Poetry of atoms,
Our beginning,
Our ending,
Our everything,
Wind under wings,
Hop in ballerina dancing,
In every living thing,
We’re all returning,
We’re all circling,
Perfect calculating,
Our atoms, all to Him,

Here is the video which is haunting for the soul and below is the original poem translated.

Original by RUMI:

O day, arise! The atoms are dancing.
Thanks to Him the universe is dancing.
The souls are dancing, overcome with ecstasy.
I’ll whisper in your ear where their dance is taking them.
All the atoms in the air and in the desert know well, they seem insane.
Every single atom, happy or miserable,
Becomes enamoured of the sun, of which nothing can be said.

Artwork by Nagat Bahumaid

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