The pronouncement


I am but a mere command,
Be, and I was,
Be, and I will not!
I want to go back to that moment,
Before the pronouncement,
To see my marvellous creation take place,
Swimming in the fluid of my destiny,
What weight the angel carried of the words given to him,
That brought me to being.
What was the motive for my spiral coil,My attachment to the vein of my mothers heart,
The cradle of the warm womb.
Take me back before the severing,
So I could hear my mothers
Wash away again with angel wing brush,

Brushes off into irrelevance.
She bled me out in a river of honey water in the middle of spring,
Laced with the wine of His word,
Be, and I was.

Art work by Khaled Al-saai – Middle of spring
Found here:

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