Your pain is your cure

Gather yourself together.
Your lot is sufficient for you.
You needn’t worry about  the shorter straw.
Leave the downpour of fate to find it’s way through the cracks of your soul.
I wish you well, so I don’t want to see you pain through something you should be elating through.

All that hurt, all those wounds, all those scars, they’re not there to punish you, they’re there to make you a monument of marvel, to stand in conviction with your experiences, with your tragedy and show people how to heal.

Those stitches, that broken heart, those endless memories, those haunting dreams, whatever it is that has anchored you down, if you want to cut the chain, share your soul, share your heart, share your mind and watch the people make pilgrimage to you. Watch them find warmth in your comfort, slumber in your bosom.

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