No window, no soul

no soul

I have no windows.
I have no soul to share
If you look into my eyes,
You’ll see nothing but a distant stare
My eyes were once brown,
And now cold without care
They’ve darkened, they’ve blackened
The soul your seeking, is just not there


I don’t believe the eyes are the window to the soul.

I lost that belief when I know some eyes bear the weariness of life’s trials, trials greater than souls can take, but they defy logic, nature, normality and bear it with a smile.

Those eyes, tired as they be, red, darkened, lifeless as they appear, are truly soulful, but looking at them you’d know nothing of their experiences.

My soul cannot be looked at like peaking through a window pane and even that, I know little of my own soul except the fancies of my minds conjure. For others then to look through and assume knowledge is purporting on arrogant ignorance.

We’re more, we’re so much more.

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