Misdirection of affection


I’ve never seen anything beautiful from someone self infatuated, they almost always have neglected three things, growth, holding themselves to account
and healing others.

In the current trends of pseudo spirituals, they have learned to cash in on the insecurities of humans and wash down, sanitise and de-clutter the human into a prissy little one stop shop of perfection to be attained by a social media following, $5.95 subscription to re-hashed daily quotes served to you on a 2 cent texting service and an occasional $900.00 seminar which you need to make you a better person. It doesn’t exist, you’ve been lied to and the most perfect of people, being served up to us as complete and having reached harmonious stations of enlightenment are incomplete and utterly void, in the words of a famous philosopher, ‘they sit on their arses to shit too!’

There is a difference between loving yourself and having self respect. If anything, you have to love yourself enough to not love your self. To consistently measure your self to higher standards, to strive for improvement, to strive for movement, to strive to break out of monotonous and bland societal laziness and procrastination.
The self respect comes when you don’t force your incessant pettiness on the world to accept. Your whinging and whining about how hard done by you were.

I don’t really care if you were a junkie and survived, you don’t impress me. I don’t care if you were a thief and reformed yourself, if you were a gangster and now preach. You’re still snake oil huckstering your way into society selling your shit as legit.

No, I’m more impressed by the girl who said no, and never touched a drug. I’m more impressed by the boy who suffered and waited, instead of giving into his base need for material things. I’m more impressed by the boy who turned his face to books and study or work and labour as opposed to paying off his guilt and cowardice by surrounding himself with other weak gangsters.

That takes a hating of your self, blended in with a poised and balanced approach to reproach. Not an empty abusive and destructive expression, but a healthier improvement based one. A knowing that you must step up out of weak excuse making. How you go about it, will differ, but the end goal has to be rid of this superfluous superficiality of perfect and celebration of utter shit.

Stop heralding your faults and parading them as acceptance of a you that is somehow artistically enlightened.
Don’t be lazy in mind and spirit.. Don’t give yourself excuses for settling in to comfort of this higher, enlightened comprehension that is being espoused as your saviour.

Don’t settle for this far fanged idea that you must love yourself.
You love others, not yourself and no, you don’t have to love yourself to love others. Others are meant to do that for you, but you’ll get back what you give so if you want an empty and fake love, continue loving yourself and others will continue loving themselves and bereft you all remain, isolated and vain.

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