Introversion Impulses – 9

introversion impulses 9

I was under that bridge… The whole time during my wanton visit, he watched, I was drawing first blood, breaking first bone, losing my home, racing for the gold of affection granting, please sir, I want some more, scabs keep reappearing,
I promise I’m not scratching…I promise those tracks lead straight back to who I am, that’s why they’re there, don’t take them away from me or I’ll never find him again. Take what you want from me instead, give me anything, fill my head but leave the blizzard rope back to the barn.
Bare chested in the summer sun, see me beautiful one, you remind me of him but better, I don’t deserve better, I want worse, I want punishing pain to remember him proper, remember him sane, see me new sir, or I’ll  let your friend see me, let him tell you of what he did to me, maybe then you’ll see me. I saw you seeing me, I was layering my beams through sand mist, salt crisp air, we dared, we swam and inside the ocean I put my arms around you to see if you’re him but you scared me, you’re so much more, so I let go, found another friend of yours to cut you, slice you good, because you deserve this pain, you can make something with it, but finally I didn’t find him, I lost my tracks, I lost my rope, he took it all from me, I should have just told you, I wanted you, I should have given you my crystal blue, eyes, released my blue to you, but I didn’t believe you’re true, too good, too good to be true, you, who on that summer beach, alone, you saw through. You saw me, but I didn’t see you so Alinta remains blue, untrue, done and through, finally, I withdrew. Under the bridge, that motherfucking song.

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