Lust, in vivid colour

poetry speak

When souls meet, artistically piqued,
Where the rush of the city,
Leaves us disconnected, bitter sweet.
Where eyes long and eyes speak,
In black and white,
Across the street.

How many smiles have affectionately met you,
Eyes connectedly fixate on you,
Hearts reverberation set on you,
Souls depart and pour regret on you.


Ironically, there is nothing more colourful than seeing in black and white.
When all frivolous shades separate and make the palate of life colours so easy to choose from.
A glance from a stranger, respectfully reserved, outrageously so livid with raw lust it makes you break out into a poetic sweat, withdraw your extroversions into a small lolly jar to be hid out of reach of children.
No, that candy is not for eating, it’s not even for looking at. Keep it out of sight!

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