Communication, comprehension, ignorance and arrogance


There’s a problem in the world we live in.
If we cannot admit to this problem then we’re also a part of it.

The reason for the post may not come across clearly to begin with, so I have chosen to expand a little in hope to shed more light on this subject, in hope for people to perhaps learn about it, reflect on it and ultimately make a conscious choice to change.

I saw a young man ask for help on a public forum. I’m sure that judging by his plea, it wasn’t the only way he asked for help.

Immediately upon reading his plea, even though I couldn’t really assist him, I made a prayer in my heart for his plea to be answered. I also felt moved enough to wish him luck on the social media platform he posted his plea on. He was basically asking for a job if anyone had one available.

Not long after, some Mr Prissy prick, replied to his plea and said, ‘Proof reading that and running it through a spell check in Word before posting wouldn’t hurt.’ To make it worse, he put a fucking winking emoji after it, classic wound and heal shit.

I wanted to give this arse hole a piece of my mind. But I just responded with a, ‘Wow, just wow’, to his comment.

Funny enough, the initial poster replied to him too and said, “Thank you, you’re very kind.” But I could read between the lines and ironically so could the initial poster.

You see, English wasn’t his first language, it was easy to see that if you have read enough and you are cultured enough. It was easy to confirm that from being learned enough in more things than just what makes you comfortable. Frankly it was easy enough to decipher just from reading his name at the beginning.

But Mr Prissy chose to act all grand and intelligent. He chose to take a dig at this guy and sabotage his plea, IN PUBLIC! Proving how shit of a person he was, he didn’t have the sincerity to send the person a private message. No, that was not enough attention for his poor deprived soul, he needed to humiliate him and reduce his chances of being able to get a job.

I don’t know if the reasons he did this was just sheer, brainless stupidity, ulterior sabotage motives, racism, sheer fuckery or whatever, perhaps it was all of the above, perhaps he just wanted to show his hidden supremacist views that even he wasn’t aware of. Perhaps his ability to write and read was what he thought grand. There was nothing grand about it. As mentioned above, he didn’t have the deduction ability, more specifically to the context at hand, the comprehension to understand that this guy was pouring his heart out, much like pouring a rosetta latte, which poetically was his profession. He was a barista looking for work and had posted up pictures of his beautiful pours and all his experience and how hard he was willing to work. It was a longer than usual post on this page, but I enjoyed the read because I know sincerity, even when it is written in second or third languages.

The barista sent me a private message asking me why people need to be so mean?
In public he just thanked the abuser. In private, he confessed his hurt. I told him how I felt too and not to worry, God will provide a way for him.

Here’s the beautiful thing that happened though. Almost ignoring the arse holes stupid comment, an employer responded and asked for his resume.

As soon as I saw this, I messaged the barista and told him to send me his resume first and I would check it for free.

He was so grateful and responded immediately.

I spent an hour, re-writing it and formatting it into two pages, neatly presented and highlighting his attributes.

Here’s the pearler. Sure, English wasn’t his first language, but he had enough of it to get by, to communicate and write sincerely and the reason being, it was his third language! Yep, he could read and write two other languages which makes him three times as effective a communicator than our Mr Prissy grammarian.
He could probably travel to any continent in the world with his tongue alone whilst Mr Prissy would probably need translation dictionaries.

He didn’t even need his tongue because judging by his profile picture, he had a very approachable face and smile. He could probably get by on heart speak and body language alone.

I sent the resume back to him and he couldn’t thank me enough and wanted to repay me. I wouldn’t have any of it. I don’t know if he got the job, I almost don’t want to ask because I want the feeling of just helping someone for no other reason than it was the right thing to do, the right thing to feel, to last in me without being tainted. I don’t want to be attached to the notion in my ego of ‘I helped him get the job’, because sure as hell, he had more than enough skill and I am sure, if the employer was wise enough to interview him, he’d shine in person and show how limiting language can be, especially English.

All you English speaking folk, if you think that because you have the ability to read and write English, you are somehow superior to anyone in the human race, then  know this, English is one of the most primitive if not the most primitive languages in the world.

It is the pseudo-currency, the American dollar, worse, the electronic dollar that assumes the position of global control but in reality is but a smoke and mirrors charade, a veil pulled over the faces of everyone. English is so infantile it is ludicrous to even debate, and only an ignorant would deny it’s infancy.

There are men and women of the past who could not even write their names in any language yet they were more articulate than poets, more sincere than sages, more effective than God’s vicegerents.

Being unlettered is not the same as being illiterate. Even being illiterate is not the same as being inarticulate.

My grandmother can barely read and write and didn’t go past the sixth grade but her level of knowledge would put scholars to shame. Her memory even at over seventy years of age is near perfect, with odes of poetry, anecdotes, litanies, texts, aphorisms and quotes computed and etched into her soul. You can’t ever bump shoulders with her intellectually without coming off in worse shape. She’ll leave you battered and bruised, ego curled up in the foetal position if you want to play intellectual fisticuffs with her.

As I mentioned, this barista had three languages under his belt but more importantly, he had the human language down pat. I don’t see him failing ever, whilst Mr Prissy grammarian ignorantly thought he stood on a pedestal, just because he could read fucking English.


p.s. If this is you above, get out of your bubble and experience the world and cultures. You can only improve as a human.

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