Heart – 11 word story


When you slow down, when you look into the truth of it all, only an ingrate, only an ignorant, only someone so adamant about the promotion and elevation of the self, of egotistical prancing will deny what science, religion, nature, philosophy, sages and gnostics all agree to, that it is undeniable, that all matters will retort back to the heart for decision making.

It rules supreme over the brain and the mind which are not the same thing.
In Arab philosophy and the Muslim scholarly traditions, the heart is the source of intellect, not the mind. The mind is the source of the ego, which can be good or bad with an underlying propensity to veer one to fulfilment of whimsical passings, of desires and needs. The mind can help theorise and use logic as a measure but it only holds power over the human if they let their hearts kingdom deteriorate. The brain is just the processing centre for the mind, for the ego.

Scientifically, the brain is not the first thing that is created. Neither is the accompanying central nervous system. Scientists have no answer as to why the heart is the first thing created in a newborn foetus if their theory about the central nervous system being the ruling centre is true. In the belly of comfort, in the heart of his mothers being, close to her own heart, the foetus develops its own. It beats, the dedum, dedum of rhythmical presence, confirming life, demanding acknowledgement, forbidding murder. I’m alive it says, and you will have blood on your hands as you have blood in your heart. Nurture me these nine months and set me free.

Therein is ample reflective nourishment for days on end. It is enough to question your entire being for a lifetime as you use the gauge of humanity within us all to measure your every action, thought and belief. Where does your heart reside? What non physical exercise do you do for it? What nurture do you have for it?
How will you polish it’s rust as you remove the veil to find it there, all along, helping you breathe, not the oxygen of life, but elixir of existence.


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