Secret Actions

Secret actions

The most beautiful of actions,
Are hidden,
Their perpetrators,
Shame ridden.

I saw you today,
When you thought you got away,
I saw you when you thought you were hidden,
From the light of day.
Your actions of helping an elder,
Left me speechless without a word to say,
I could only smile and look,
Piercingly your way,
But I couldn’t get your attention,
Try as I may,
You wanted to remain hidden,
When the world wants to be on display.


I sat at the lights this morning and watched a young man, pleasant faced, beaming almost, carrying the hand of an older woman across the road.
What it looked like was a grandson and a grandmother walking together.
He carried her hand, not like a carer assisting a patient, but more like a man asking a woman to a dance at the ball, elegantly holding it up and she, she was back to being twenty five years old. You could feel her joy at being given such attention, even though her back was hunched,  skin wrinkled and hair silver white.
As they reached the other side, he let her glide off, again like returning his partner at the end of a dance to the place where he had first asked her to dance with him. She smiled and held her hands together as if her love was walking away with her heart and he walked casually down the road.
I saw his aura, I saw his glowing face, I saw his secret actions, that everyone in that crowded street was oblivious to. I drove further down the road to try and capture his attention, just to let him know that he was a beautiful human being, but he, even though could feel me drive slowly near him, kept walking, head away as if to say, leave me to my good deed. Leave me to collect in secret my blessings, don’t deprive me of my veiled moment.
It left a wonderful taste in my belly for the rest of the morning.

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