Kissing humanity free


What’s going to get you there is not superficial,
You’ll have to dig deeper my friend.
You’ll have to see the hurt in their eyes,
You’ll have to feel the hunger in their stomach,
You’ll have to sit in the hollow of their heart,
And bring together their mind apart.
You can’t do that with all your frivolities,
With all your ego-mind-speak.
You have to shatter the idea of you,
To walk in the idea of them.
The pain of ‘I’,
Is always going to be greater than the pain of ‘They’,
But do it anyway.
And watch those abated breaths turn into gentle forehead kisses.
You don’t kiss the soul of a person the French way,
You do it subtly, behind a veil,
You do it lovingly, cut masts,
Set souls to sail.
Tied, shackled and bound,
They don’t need to know you’re freeing them,
They just need to sail,
And the idea of freedom will splash on their faces,
And as they lick the salt of the sea off their lips,
It will turn into soothing honey of the soul.


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