Bitter pills

bitter pills

I don’t swallow bitter pills
I snort them


Is that all you have for me today, is that your biggest punch?
Pack it up with your attempts of yesterday, the day before,
I’ll snort them for brunch.
I’ll take what you throw, be it a curve ball or grenade,
I’ll dig my trenches six feed deep,
Take to your blows in spades.
Is that the hardest you’ll hit, surely you can give me more,
Throw your weight behind it,
Let it sink further than just my pores.
I’m not amused nor impressed, I’m unfettered, undeterred,
I’ll swallow, chew, snort and lick,
Digest and drink it like liqueur.


Quit complaining, suck it up and go for another shot.
It doesn’t make it better that you complain silently.

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