How to be immortal


It’s easy to be loved,
Create around you a mystique of beauty and they will be bent at the knees.

It’s easy to be unforgettable,
Etch paths into their hearts that only you know how to travel on.

It’s easy to be lusted after,
Create a perfume of your essence that has notes that never end.

It’s easy to be all of that, but to be unknown at the same time,
That’s what will make you immortal.


We choose to make it difficult because we want to be mortal, we want to be seen now. Wait my brethren.

Whether we just met, or you’re my brother, wait. Don’t ask to be seen.

Rather, create, paint, etch, teach, love, build, work, write, read and toil and wait.

Your secrets will manifest without any decline in their value if you wait.

If you want to prostitute yourself, be prepared to be discarded like one.


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