Prayer calibration

pray right

Any prayer that you wish others ill,  fails you.

Even if you are oppressed, the utterances of your heart, are an indication of where your own development resides, as opposed to the oppressor.

You have no control over their actions, you have control over your own.

Choose wisely your prayers because even if the arrow hits it’s mark in your enemies heart, the fact remains the arrow was drawn from yours.

The prerequisite of prayer is a foundational knowledge of spiritual navigation. Would we benefit more if the person was destroyed utterly or if they were guided to righteousness?

If your prayer consists of malice towards another person, be ready for the calamity of that prayer, your ill intent will take much longer to remove from your heart than the hurt you suffered from the person.

That is why the prayer of the oppressed is said to be without veil.
The Prophet Muhammad said ” Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, even if he is an unbeliever, for there is no screen between it and God”

It is not an open invitation for outright supplication for destruction, it’s an invitation for retrospection and dignified use of the power you hold. The power of the oppressor and the power of the oppressed.

That is also why the Prophet Muhammad said “Help the oppressor and the oppressed”.

So the companions asked, we understand how to help the oppressed but how so the oppressor?

He replied, help them from their oppression.

Both yield a power to destroy others.
At some point this all has to reconcile into a reflective cauldron of sincerity. Is your prayer geared towards the truth, manifesting it on anyone’s tongue as long as it is manifest, or is it geared towards self gratification and ego?

If you’re still intent on praying against someone instead of for them, then you need time away from prayer, you need to recalibrate the whole reason of your prayer in the first place.


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