Every now and then, something will come along that will make you stop breathing.

That lapse in time, that breathless moment is actually a concentration of breath, not lack of.
For so long, you, I, we, breathe shallowly, we take small puffs of our existence, we take small puffs towards our end, but this thing that comes along, it reminds us to take one breath and hold it. A deep breath, a meaningful one that brings your whole being into homestatic balance.
You’re taken by the glimpse of a moment, that robbery of your self from this dwelling place, where ego has no choice but to bow to the soul and admit beauty, admit defeat, admit love rules supreme.
I want to be a person, not a thing that can inspire that, that one breath moment my end goal where everything is realised and forgotten all at once, where you cease to exist and only truth remains.
I want to be as this woman has done, a creator of that moment, before my moment has come, before I take my last breath. Before everything flashes into existence and non existence at once.
I’m in awe and never before have I seen something as beautiful.

Take a moment to watch the video and remember your breath.

Anila Quayyum Agha, the artist, is a creative genius.

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