I don’t ask for much

move me

Move me

My only demand,
Is touch me,
When I extend my hand.

I’m not asking for you to do anything but rise above the normalcy of civility
Drape me in your horrors
Veil me in your wallows
Anything… but don’t prattle me hollow
Don’t be something borrowed
Don’t be something followed
Click bait regurgitated sorrow
Nothing to do with yesterday or tomorrow
Be now, be here, slit wrist, drip feed me
Words of calcium marrow.

I wait like a vulture at the carcass

Come out of your bodies, oh souls… Sing to me, prance around my being with your eloquent poetry, send me waves, send me currents, send me a ripple, send me a dew drop, an atom of mist, a breath…. Give me words…

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