When water whispered

fog over water

Water doesn’t speak, it whispers,
‘I fall in rain to wash away earths pain,
I rise up in seas when men think they’re greater than me,
I roll in waves and make sure ships know they’re my slaves,
I lay still in lakes for the Gnostic’s sake,
I lay dormant in ponds, for the narcissist’s reflection of which he is fond,
I run in rivers, to deliver the secrets of banks and leave rocks cold in shiver,
I’m mere dew drops on morning leaves, which birds drink and steal like thieves,
I’m the haze of morning mist, to show a love affair that occurs between heaven and earth, the divine kiss.’

And that is why everything that is created contains water,
Gentle whispers,
Reminders of divine kisses, in us all.
Find your water,
Find your spring,
Drink from it and feed others.
Don’t soil your drinking source,
Don’t be still,
Stillness brings pungency.
Move constantly,
Flow eternally,
Quench with divinity.


Source picture 1: http://www.islandgirlwalkabout.com/2013/07/10/fog-on-the-water/
Source picture 2: http://www.jrsphotos.com/wordpress/?tag=fog

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