I’m not interested in the largesse of your manifestations
I’m interested in the subtlety of your reservations

Don’t come out of the fog
Don’t expose all of you
I enjoy the hidden
I’m happy to be a vault cracker, a safe breaker
Keep it all locked away
Make me work for you
Show me some resistance
The subtle cracks in your inner most core
Why would you want to just let it all be
Waiting for any highway robber to snatch
Snatch the sacredness of your being
To take it effortlessly, to give of your rarity to any gypsy
Then he discards you because like you he has no safe, no vault
As for me? I will lock the bits of you away
The bits I worked so hard for
I’ll claw at anyone’s face
That tries to take them away from me
Including yours
So stay in the fog
Leave some unknown.
Leave for yourself a home


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