Find yourself in silence

be silentstillandwordless


The most beautiful silence I ever heard
Was being still and bereft of words.

Be silent, still and wordless. Even in your mind, the dyslexia of words must manifest until the confusion is too much to engage in and you become numb.

In that numbness, any sign of life will bring forth a new meaning, a new appreciation. The taste may be familiar as you ravage through the draws of your soul looking for that passed down relic of yourself you left behind in your childhood, that separation point in time where souls vanish and beasts manifest.

The beast that has now become defined as the adult. A word  which bares no meaning used to describe what was once understood to be a person of refinement, but now responsive only to bodily fetishes, void of spiritual flight, emotional containment and mental acuity.

Induce those moments of silence, stillness and wordless-ness until they become your way and you reinvigorate that adult.


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