Rejoice in unfamiliarity

Don’t be sad for me, don’t assume I’m sad for me.
I’ve always lived on the outskirts of normalcy,
Not this esoteric fanciness of dreadlocks and inkery,
Not the rebellious, non conformist of fashionista hippy,
And despite my sorrow, I’m not laden with suicidal misery.
My separation, my detachment and unbelonging are integrity,
Fine woven Italian pinstriped suits of dignity,
And even though, those threads I don’t wear, I appreciate their beauty,
Rather, my garments of laymen, beard of a man, poise of external normality
I’m not unbecoming, I’m unbelonging, I’m utterly,
Unrestrained, unchained, unbridled
Just free.
It’s impossible to deny your feelings. It’s evidence, even more tragic when the only way you can express them is in the written  form.
It’s not new.
It’s been my way since I came to awareness, as far back as my earliest memory,  this unbelonging. Don’t be sad for me, I’m not sad. It’s a rejoice…. Rejoice with me for not having a ground…
Fly with me,
soar and see,
Witness all of humanity,
Learn how to be,
Then flee,
Do this for eternity,
With your entirety.

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