The only way is to taste it


Poet’s sharing

If you tasted what we tasted you’ll
know why we want you to taste it.
Why any time untasted, is time wasted.

Being trapped in the madness of love, we want to drag you in with us.
This is not selfish, this is utter generosity.
Taste this insanity,
Taste this living,
Taste it and be with Us and without you.
Lick the soles of our experiences and flutter into the heart of divinity.
We have travelled, we have arrived and we have departed.
Our departure is dedication to the way.
But this separation is a pang we need not endure,
Can’t you see how devoted we are to sharing the taste with you?
Come then, waste not time,
Awaiting for us, is He, sublime, Love’s Divine.

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