What you see is what you get

what you find
I have a friend
She seems to always find amazement, beauty, joy, happiness in things.
I’ve come to conclude, SHE IS, what she finds.
It is impossible for her to be anything else. Much the same as someone looking at the same things can feel totally different.
Hate, anger, jealousy, annoyance, envy and so on.

Those people feel those emotions because they are filled with those things.

Quiet and loneliness does not induce boredom and sadness in me. It embalms me in tranquillity and calmness. For others, it drives them mad. I see them as peaceful and harmonious times. Gathering times. I see beauty in them where others see chaos and disruption to constant stimulus they need. For me, quiet is the stimulus.

For her, it’s clear to see her stimulus is beauty and love because that’s what she is on the inside of her, that’s what she is filled with.

Sometimes we can be unkind to ourselves, our minds trying to conjure ways against our inherit natures. We look for things that are not us. This can come from environmental influence or from misguidance. Those times are dark and deprive you of the moments that could be spent savouring in the real you.

Guard yourself from such influences. Be wary where your mind goes, where your heart attaches itself to and where your soul will eventually be painted by. Make all things good your goals instead. If an environment is not conducive to becoming a better you, then shun that environment.

Someone once said, “You are the average of the five people you are around the most.” Let that simmer in your for a while.


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