Seeing voices


Dreamy…. Voices like this…. They whisper,
Vulgarities in lace,
Shut down tissue paper wrap,
Sink teeth, heart’s naivety,
They lie, they deceive,
The best love you’ll never get,
They tease velvet sugar maize,
Watch the syrup clog you.
Watch it stick to your hollow,
Eat your eyes with plum sauce,
That hand made stuff of yesteryear,
Full bosom and belly love made,
These voices, they hate you,
They make your ears bleed deprivation,
Fingers hesitation, stutter, mutter,
Shut, step on hose innervation,
Why… Why listen to them?
Because they are still beautiful.


Picture from the movie I ORIGINS – This movie destroyed me. A calming to the curiosity rage for those who want to see beyond.

And the soundtrack theme song is haunting…… Dust it off by I DO

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