On Wisdom



Is the seedling you planted in your youth that you long
forgot about, that comes to harvest as a ripened fruit,
when your body is in need of sustenance.

It is the life extending elixir of refinement of excess,
distillation of frivolities, filtering of trivialities, severing of
luxuries until you only have the back straightening truth.


Imam Al Shafi’i said:

‘The more I learned, the more ignorant I became.’

For the truly ignorant, they understand this literally. For the wise, they comprehend that as you gain knowledge, the wisdom in that increase is comprehension of just how much more there is to learn that you still have not learned. As you gain a little insight into one area, one topic, one small fathom of truth in your life, the more you realise just how much you weren’t aware of, and how much remains out there for you to learn.

Imam Al Shafi’i was one of the pinnacles of scholarship in his time and for him to make such a proclamation leaves us at the doorstep of utter intellectual poverty.

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