Just let things be

coffee words2

I don’t want to talk about words,
I just want to write them and let them be.
Much like I don’t want to talk about coffee,
I just want to drink it,
Let it wake me,
Invigorate me,
Blood pressure,
Vein pulsate me,
Hazelnut, Woods, fruits,
Palate me,
I taste it,
It tastes me
Can’t we just let words be,
Must we relegate them to philosophy’s misery?

Strange the poetry snobs, the literature snobs, the art snobs, the coffee snobs and the culinary snobs. They all share this common thread of intellectually masturbating over moot points to show just how grand their philosophies are……..

Shit! I just did the same.

I do have a point I am getting to so it may be worth it.

Sometimes I just want to taste something….. I don’t want to describe it. I don’t want to talk to you about it. I just want to taste it.

Other times, your mundaneness creeps me the fuck out. Say something poignant, worthy, beneficial, educating, enlightening, questioning, pressuring, something other than frivolous and trivial.

A coffee can do that to you. Can make you a snob, or just hit you in the heart and raise your rate like it’s meant to, sharpen your synapses and wake you out of slumber.

But the coffee is just the metaphor…..let words be, leave them alone unless the author asks of you.


8 thoughts on “Just let things be”

      1. I’m the same, though mine usually comes at the worst times and I kind of have to hold onto the words as I try and find a pen. There’s been more than a few times it’s disappeared and I’ve tried to write it later only to find I hate the way it’s come out.

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