Death in context.


Snap shot from Movie Bab ‘Aziz

This is still my all time favourite movie.
It is in multiple languages, There is Turkish, Farsi, Arabic and some sub continent languages. It is an amazing conglomeration of cultures that share the same common ideal of the spiritual heart of real Islam, that is Sufism, the ‘ism that isn’t allowed the media time, the air space, the tabloid headings to give human beings a fair chance at learning the truth about over 1.6 billion people world wide.

I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, to experience something of another world.

The above quote is part of an end scene.

Below is the whole scene quote. If it captures your heart and attention, then come with me on this journey and look into yourself perpetually until your last breath. I have included the link below to watch the film. You can select subtitles in the actual video by clicking on it’s option tabs.

Please come back and visit this thread and let me know what you thought if you love the movie as I do.

“Hassan, I have been waiting for you.”

“You’ve been waiting for me?”

“To be witness of my death.”

“Why me, I’m so afraid of death.”

“Exactly! If the baby in the darkness of it’s mothers womb were told:
“Outside there is a world of light, with high mountains, great seas,
undultating plains, beautiful gardens in blossom, brooks, a sky full of stars
and a blazing sun… And you, facing all these marvels, stay enclosed in this
darkness…” The unborn child, knowing nothing about these marvels, wouldn’t
believe any of it. Like us, when we’re facing death. That’s why we’re afraid.”

“But there can’t be light in death, because it’s the end of everything.”

“How can death be the end of something that doesn’t have a beginning? Hasan, my son,
don’t be sad on my wedding night.”

“Your wedding night?”

“Yes, my marriage with eternity. The time has come. Leave me alone now.
Come back to cover my body with sand.”

And so the dervish passes on his robe for the next master to wear.

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