Introversion Impulses – 6


When I die, my epitaph will read:
 “This man was never here anyway.”

There’s introversion and then there’s immersion.
The former ignites the path of You, the later detonates
the existence of You. It leaves no trace that you were
ever present, it is banishment from the physical world,
it makes you an accessory to your own murder.
Annihilation of self, lighting up the sulphur of your
footprint………Ashes scattered for inhalation, lovers
consummation of longing agitation, there can be no
trepidation if the path of graduation is being
lost in His adoration.

Pretty hard to remain of this world when the inner is so much prettier.
Even harder to remain there when the ever after is infinite.
Why would I want to continue to prattle here, when the grass is definitely greener over the other side. Definitely…..It is a thing, already done.


3 thoughts on “Introversion Impulses – 6”

    1. If what is hidden from others is that much more gratifying, I’m happy to bet what is hidden from ourselves is even more so. I’d rather bet that and be let down than not bet that and live with only this….. This me is not enough


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