Separation pangs

Existence is being able to blow the sorrow notes without the flute,
being able to serve everyone without a face,
to curl your toes without a finger trace,
to heal one another without embrace,
it’s being able to love without a heart,
to see without eyes, feel without fingers,
Be…… without presence,
to be known without name,
burnt to a crisp but still the same,
Your call awaits with endless generosity,
and all I do is run to the next version of me,
when right here I existed because You existed
and all I had to to was flee vanity.

Remembering back to the magnetic pull, the initial heart clutch.
This is where You had me, and sixteen years later, I am still perplexed, understand it not but am drawn to You by it:

‘GOD is the light of the heavens and the earth. The allegory of His light is that of a concave mirror behind a lamp that is placed inside a glass container. The glass container is like a bright, pearl-like star. The fuel thereof is supplied from a blessed oil-producing tree, that is neither eastern, nor western. Its oil is almost self-radiating; needs no fire to ignite it. Light upon light. GOD guides to His light whoever wills (to be guided). GOD thus cites the parables for the people. GOD is fully aware of all things.
Surat nur, verse thirty five

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