Introversion Impulses – 5

girl in swamp.jpg

I’m not quite sure why you’d want to come, why you insist on knowing me, when everything I see from you screams you’re happier to be free, travelling to a place where you’ve never been might not be the best idea for you, I have traps within me even I don’t know how to get out of, why would you disturb your well being to dwell on the inside of me, through the cave of unfamiliarity, through the dark waters of complexity, of disturbed ranges of derangement, through the haunt of it all, and it WILL haunt you, you can’t un-see me, I’ll forever imprint the journey in your soul and destroy your will to live anywhere else but there, the claws of the walls are like poisoned glaciers, they’ll infect you with a comfort, and unfamiliarise everything else you’ve experienced, they’ll never leave you be, the septum of introversion is laced with unforgettable experiences, experiences of your own grey matter spilled through white matter, made to black matter, cremated into grey matter to be blown again into the lantern niche,  which will forever light your way.

I hear your pleas, I hear your call,
But if I gave you a map, would you take the fall?
If I gave you directions, showed you the way to my insides,
Would you enter my cave, get lost in me and hide?

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