Flight of naivety

I thought there may be a corner of the world where there is no turmoil, where anger falls only in raindrops when apple trees haven’t been watered by men, where hate is only used as a fuel to deter oppression of any human, where distrust is only against your own ego, where death only occurs to flowers so their seedlings can fall and rebirth another, where poverty is only in the breasts of men, as they acknowledge themselves before God, where beggars are only those who are awake at night pleading with their Lord to forgive their shortfalls, where the only discomfort is that of humans acknowledging their inability to meet the high standard of civility and generosity we are burdened with towards one another.
Perhaps I am naive like that, perhaps I’m not, but rather I am heart broken that I am not at that place? Sometimes I definitely am naive, sometimes I just want to fly there.

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