Where to find me

art solitude 93566a8296fb362e82a5eb037bb25de3

My Art is solitude

If you want to find me,

Take your eyes where they refuse to go.
Bend your mind to contortions unknown.
Bludgeon your ego when it wants to stand up and talk.
Subdue your tongue when it wants to make noise.
Close your ears when they only hear the chatter.
Sign off your soul to my letters.
Dance in between the spaces, dodge my full stops,
Hold hands with my comma’s and walk from paragraph to paragraph.

There you’ll find me, but come empty and void, come still and quiet,
Come hungry and oppressed.

Come meek and subtle, light and troubled.
Find me, in my inner most sanctuary.
Come to my temple of solitude.
Come and make art with me in silence,
In being forgotten.


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