Un-Be, detach, devolve
Unhinge, remove, unsolve
Undo, Un-you, Un-whole
Un-live, Un-breathe, Un-Soul

The beauty is in reverse.

Imagine you could be born at the moment when you’re consciously aware you’re about to take your last breath. That last breath where the chronology of your life, your every emotion, your every moment suddenly is made apparent, spread before you on the canvas of your mind, a Jackson Pollock of art work,
finely weaved and interconnected,
painted and resurrected,
unearthed and manifested,
palatable, tasted, digested.

You wonder why your mind couldn’t present all this to you whilst you were alive?
It’s not your mind, it’s your soul.
As that soul moves from the inter-space of between your two sides, as it travels to your stomach, then your lungs and throat, as it reaches the palate of your mouth and rests there, your mind catches a brief wind of it’s fragrance.
The waft is that manifestation, only a micro second of a micro second and you see your life as if it was an eternity.
That is the secret of your soul.
Won’t you find it now?
Won’t you search for it in hopes you can have those manifestations whilst you are alive?

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