My Time, My Wine


It’s a wonderful time,
 when every particle in the hourglass,
 is mine,
to use up, to ocean bed,
the waves foam fine,
the sage, basal, mint and thyme,
season my soul, with prose and rhyme,
to practise being me, to toe that line,
of paradoxical extremes, to subtleties fine,
to see Gods patterns, to follow his signs,
to be lost in emptiness, into nothings divine,
run with rivers breath, fall off the edge of sublime,
crash into the watering hole,
 of my entirety’s wine.

14 thoughts on “My Time, My Wine”

  1. For the context of this piece it has such a fun and lovely rhythm to it and the words just seem to flow together so effortlessly. Your use of language is absolutely beautiful and the everything about this piece just works perfectly together. Amazing work,

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    1. Thank you. I really appreciate your comments. I am smiling and happy you enjoyed it. You’re right, it was written in the space of minutes….. It just flowered and flowed. Was just there….. Waiting for the taking.

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      1. Always an instrument, a tool, to think otherwise would make me a fool. It’s not me, in an of myself, what ability do I have when a bee sting will bring me to my knees or a mosquito in my ear will destroy my mind. We’re all a little precious sometimes attributing things we do to ourselves. We’re just pawns of convenience, shuffled around when we need to be of service.

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      2. That’s why I have notepads, books, apps, computer always on, something….. I can’t rely on the cacophony of words already in my head to sift over and allow for a thought to file itself. I have to do it manually

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  2. Beautiful writing indeed. Lonerloaner the conversation you are having with UltravioletCollision is something I relate to. We never know when a great idea or thought is about to pop in your head, and if you don’t note it down it will be gone never to return as perfect as it was when you thought of it. Sometimes I wish there could be some kind of micro chip that can be installed in the brain to record thought, in that way I can review some of the thoughts I had during the day when I write at night. This micro chip idea sound weird but sometimes I really wish there was something like it.

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    1. As much as I really hate any type of invasion into my body, I agree with you, would be so much easier. But that is what our memory is for. There are exercises meant to help us have brilliant memories, but the better of them are the simplest of them. Studies have shown that memorisation of complex texts and numbers at younger ages is the best thing you can do for a child. Simple rote memorisation. I do this with my children. They all have unbelievable memories. Even as adults we can improve, but it has to be practised daily and with more refined texts or numbers. But for me, the notepad will do lol

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      1. Well I agree with you. I am a young adult myself and I think I can still improve my memory powers. I guess we do have a “natural micro chip”, it just need nurturing. Also the notepad does it for me to.

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