patience and gratitude

Patience and gratitude
A reflection of attitude
Contentment of multitude
Adornment of plenitude
Calm of certitude
The seal of aptitude
Elevation of altitude
The souls amplitude

This was inspired by the previous post which was a quote from the infamous Omar Ibn Al-Khattab, but that’s what reading a quote from a heavyweight does to you.
It leaves you with an ocean of thoughts and inspiration.
Reading their whole works drowns you.
Maybe that is why I haven’t found much comfort in fiction.
I can’t digest three hundred pages of a person trying to take you on their journey with little prose, little wisdom, little truth. If you can’t satiate your reader with boundless meaning in a line, then you need to work more on reading non fiction poetry and works of masters.
I’ve never read a great writer who didn’t bathe in works of these masters.

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