Until life do us part.

deathever after

You thought ‘Once upon a time’ was your birth,
And you hoped ‘Happily ever after’ was your right,
And you dreamt of enchantment and bliss,
Therein, the forests alone awaits you,
Death’s kiss.

Oh destroyer and oh creator of misery,
Where are you to relieve me of my agony,
Long lost lover, for most, a mystery,
But now you seem life’s epitome.

They flee from you with cowardly unfamiliarity,
As if you don’t exist, they pretend not to see,
There you stand, waiting patiently,
And there you’ll remain, despite the pleas.

They don’t see your romance, threatened by ferocity,
Alas you have me down on my knees,
Praying for your swift love-tragedy,
Smother my insides, fill my cavity.

I call upon you increasingly,
Mort’s forest attracts me more than life’s tree,

You’re poised but I, erratically, impatiently,
Long to be united for eternity.


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