Introversion – twenty eight


Go on, have one today.
Spoil yourself with something immaterial.
Have a conversation with yourself in secret.
Don’t let anyone see you. Hide your schedule from your spouse and children.
Pretend you’re doing something else.
Pretend your busy.
Switch off your phone and pretend the battery ran out or don’t answer and pretend you didn’t hear it.
Say you had to work back.
Candlelight dinner, with yourself in a park, with a book.
Wear your favourite perfume / cologne.
Get dressed for the occasion.
Rent a hotel room for the night, just to sit and read, meditate……….


Listen to your breath.
Or is it all too much to handle?
Too hard to be that intimate with yourself?
Why have we become so disconnected, so dishonest?
Who are we cheating?


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