Ransom for freedom – 3

ransomed for freedom - 3

It’s your body, do what you want with it, put whatever pill or drug you want into it but the rulings been out for over a hundred years.
It’s just good that we now have more means to spread truth than yesteryear when an aristocracy controlled everything.

How anyone in their right mind can sweep under the rug the dark history of vaccinations, how they can be washed over with amnesia to only recent occurrings is beyond me.

The science is completely opposite of what is espoused in trained parroted and dogmatic literature of the predatory elite.
Edward Jenner, the father of vaccinations killed all his maids when trying to prove his vaccination theories, ironically of which his predecessor Louis Pasteur abandonned. Louis, unlike Edward was actually a scientist, a doctor. Edward was just a dairy farmer with no medical or science training. Alas, a good business man. Ruthless to be exact.

This did not deter him from selling the lie to the British Govt.
This also did not deter the British Govt from seeing a wider future that serves their Eugenics needs. They learned to attenuate diseases enough to not kill people but to contaminate them enough to make them ill, dumb them down and weaken their spirits.

People under control make a better, manoeuvrable population. The ones that die off are collateral damage that serve the population control demands according to their logic.

Fast forward over a hundred years and nothing has changed. The advances in science and delivery mean that they can extend the damage into later life and switch it on to leverage into other ailments and treatment, specifically cancer, the most lucrative market of them all.

The DNA damage is immediate and lifelong. People have not experienced the beauty of robust and real health and assume the walking zombie of a population we now have is what normalcy is. It is not, it is a weakened, dumbed down version of human that the majority is familiar with.
Familiarisation is comfort. Comfort is laziness. Laziness is passive and passivity is laxity.

On and on can the trespassing continue into your life until you own none of it.
Ask yourself why in an age where most diseases are literally non existent is the western side of the world being bombarded with media mantra promoting an increase in vaccination, and in some countries forcing people to do it or bribing them through financial coercion?

Follow the dots, and don’t be a pawn.

It’s your body, your mind, your soul. Don’t let anyone tell you how to own them.



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