Cancer lies II

cancer lies II

If it is hard for you to understand this one, to break it down, cancer is the body’s immune system caving in. No longer is health an option when DNA damage is so far that the the body becomes self destructive, rather than self healing.
In normal people, we are all born (when born in health) with an innate ability to self heal. Call it a hard coded program. Your DNA is the backdrop, your go to manual when all else fails.

Eating and lifestyle habits take you to such an extreme that your DNA gives up, the immune system looks for answers but it sees torn pages, missing pages, burnt pages or blank pages.

It then does what any mechanism without guidance does, it eats at whatever it can to survive.

The body performs suicide to try and maintain dear life without guidance for as long as it can. Cancer in effect is really the immune system trying to make you live as long as possible without the help of DNA, it is suicide, but it is love, an intimate physiological love.

The preposterous notion that radiation and chemotherapy can work is the single most inhumane hoax, lie and deception passed on society today.
Three supposed methods of healing in western medicine are chemotherapy, radiation and surgery and two above are actually cancerous in and of themselves.

To think you can wipe out an immune system and hope it regenerates whilst not addressing the underlying issue of DNA damage which is why cancer is even prevalent is beyond stupidity.

This is why it is no longer a hippy trend. No longer can the cronies with power, the medical industry lie to people. The natural healing methods are out there and people are curing themselves through lifestyle choices, proper technology methods and better eating habits.

I included technology above because one scientist in particular gets it, and has been curing patients for longer than thirty years! He knows that at the root, it is DNA damage and he has figured out how to help restore damaged DNA chemically and fast, curing largely incurable forms of cancer. The scientists will tell you it is impossible to both damage or change your DNA, because it suits their crux agendas. RUBBISH! Eat a diet full of destructive chemicals and sit on your arse and watch how in one year you write your death will.


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