Cancer lies – I


.jcancer lies I



It starts as a small fungus. It requires sugar. It creates a satiation and gluttony in the individual. Couple that with lack of exercise, cortisol, bad diet and any other method that starves the body of oxygen or the body’s ability to process oxygen, causing cellular damage unresponsive to oxygen, and then you get a beast that turns on itself. That beast is called cancer. It scavenges at all it can see to scrape molecules of oxygen. We know a state deprived of oxygen is acidic. Cancer, loves acidity. There are a multitude of things which contribute to acidity. Sugar, being one of them, lack of oxygen being another. Foods laden with certain macro nutrients even, drugs, pharmaceuticals and more. Lack of exercise and the body’s inability to digest oxygen also contributes.

As mentioned in a previous post, ‘ If you want to control a population, create nomenclature, unrecognisable by laymen.’

Cancer is not exempt from this. The medical industry is wrought with creating a vagueness of incomprehension around the disease, giving rise to the fog that already exists around it for most people.
If you’re somewhat slightly scientifically trained, and merely  aware of some physiological and biochemical basics, the literature and nomenclature is not hard to sift through.

I hope to share some of these things by breaking down the walls of mystery and exclusivity that doctors, medical industries and their lapdogs all but enjoy to the profitable demise of humans.

This is another series I want to start.
Poems, musings, thoughts and prose. Writing and anecdotes. Aphorisms and metaphors. All of it.

The goal is for it to gain traction in hopes for people who have battled through it or battling through it or know someone who has lost the battle, friends, family or just empathic people who recognise the travesty that has become this disease that seems so  prevalent nowadays, will be supported or support one another.

It will be laden with truths, with things that are hard to digest, things that challenge the status quo, some that agrees. Either way, the point is to make it thought provoking and have the public engage.

I hope you can share with your friends and family.


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