Are you in control?




If you ensure that the words you use are not comprehensible by the general mass of people in your audience, you let them feel inferior to you. This becomes the way to hold authority over them whether they want to be subjugated to it or not.

Subconsciously from a young age, we are trained to fall victim to such methods.
The ones who think they are free are the most controlled.

The bread and circus for the masses continues and the people in power continue their ways. The negligence of the layman to care, is ironically a type of laziness and slavery, not freedom.

There are many methods to do this. Money, education, pharmaceuticals, fear, wars, water and more.

One of the simplest and most unrecognised ways is control of language and nomenclature, putting it just out of reach of the laymen enough to make them think they posses no power to effectuate change.

You wouldn’t be doing yourself a disservice by expanding your cultural and literature awareness of various types of languages and nomenclature. In fact you’d be engaging in one of the most liberating experiences possible. When you do come to awareness of it, you will regret the lost time being unaware of this condition.
Educate your children, give them as much exposure to people outside their comfort as possible.
The easiest way to do that is for yourself to lead the way. Kids are great imitators.
I will continue this in another much lengthier post.

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